Match Two


Match Two is my first commercial game, the premise is a simple one. Match two identical tiles from a selection of hidden ones to make them vanish of the screen, clear all tiles from the screen to clear the game.

The idea itself came from a physical card game I play with my godson, with the idea being that this was easier to play in confined spaces or in places where playing card games are just not possible (like a car journey).

The original idea only had one set of tiles, but I was quickly able to put together a menu system to allow players to change their tile types from a selection, thus giving the game more variation.

My original idea was to sell the game at a set price, however after doing some research on the current state of the Android and Apple markets, it seems free games are much more likely to garner players, which led me down the route of seeing how to impliment ads in the game. The final solution was a small banner advert that would show to the player upon completion of a level, but would vanish when they are playing the game itself to avoid accidental clicks (and therefore breaking the users flow). This web version displayed here has had the ads removed.

I am satisfied with how this turned out, and am overall happy with the game as my first commercial product.


Control is via the mouse, right click to interact with the tiles and menu, and escape to pause.